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Outbound Lighting Trail Evo Bike Light
Behold the Trail Evo. The sum total of our decades of experience designing automotive optics, all neatly wrapped up in the best bike light we have ever engineered. Amazingly wide beam pattern so you can see every rock, root, and jump, even deep into the corners. Self-contained, ZERO wires. The power of an external battery pack, built into the light itself. USB-C quick charging so you can hit the trail at the last minute, and not have to spend an entire day waiting to charge your light. Simple user interface since you don’t want to be stuck in the woods wondering why your light won’t turn on! (hint: we don’t have a lockout mode). An automotive headlight for your bike, not just a flashlight bungee corded to your handlebar. Robust and easy to adjust quick-release handlebar mount means you can simply click your light in place without needing to re-aim each time you ride. Dead reliable, and backed by a 3-year warranty and incredible customer service so you can feel confident every time you hit the trail. Bring another level of excitement to your rides, making the same-old trails thrilling again. Incredibly fast shipping straight from our warehouse to you. Designed, engineered, assembled, and shipped from Chicago, IL.
Outbound Lighting Hangover Bike Helmet Light
Want a helmet light that is actually a light designed for helmets? Not just a flashlight? Then you've come to the right place Hangover borrows its name from the famous trail in Sedona, AZ (not the dreaded “brew flu”). Into it, we poured every ounce of our automotive optics knowledge, creating the most compact, bike light anywhere. But slim does not mean dim. Some serious late-night thinking went into the Hangover, with countless hours prototyping the perfect beam pattern for trail riding and for helmet mounting. The resulting optics fills your entire field of vision with light, not just a spot down the trail. So, you can avoid what you want to miss, and hit what you really want to shred. Good for 90 minutes of strong output, with the ability to USB speed-charge on the go, and yet only 100 grams. USB-C quick charge 3.0 is included as standard. These lights are proudly and expertly made right here in Chicago, with the help of good coffee, homegrown talent, and a couple of dogs in the shop.
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