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About Us

Your Local Bike Shop Since 1995

We’re passionate about bicycles. We believe that bikes offer a simple solution to many of our communities' complex problems. Bikes are great for your personal health and for the health of our environment. Bikes can help you save money on transportation, and bikes can provide you with endless miles of fun with your family and friends.

For years, mountain bikers, road cyclists, tri-athletes, weekend cruisers and daily commuters have turned to MOAB for the perfect fitting bike and cycling gear that suits all their needs. As Middle Tennessee’s leading full-service bicycle shop, MOAB’s professional sales staff and bike mechanics are experts when it comes to determining what type of bike is right for you.  Our love and passion for all things cycling is evident in in our belief that a bike should suit your lifestyle, your needs, your body, and your budget.  From the latest Specialized mountain or road model and the hottest cycling gear to a multi-use bike suitable for a beginner, we are here to serve anyone who has ever ridden or wants to start. Learn more about what makes us unique, and visit us today to meet our friendly staff and experience our incredible product selection. In the mean time, go check out our Instagram or Facebook page to see some pictures of our latest bike builds and group rides!

Meet Our Team Members

Mark Dement

Owner of MOAB Bike Shop, Mark Dement turned his passion into his career in 1995. Since the creation of the business, MOAB has grown exponentially. Throughout this expansion, Mark’s focus has always been on helping people ride bikes. Regardless of skill level, budget or riding style, he is dedicated to helping everyone find the right ride for them. Whether building a pro-level electronic group on a high end carbon road bike, fine-tuning mountain bike suspension, or comfort sizing a hybrid for casual use, Mark is not only extremely skilled and experienced, but he is attentive to each customers’ individual needs. This dedication to detail and customer service is what MOAB is all about. Pictured is Mark and his wife, Melissa, at our Gravel Revival event in Hickman County, Tennessee.

Xavier Solís

Pictured is the man, the myth, the legend, Xavier Solís. You may know him as "Javy", "X-Man", or "Hey Dude". Xavier is our Nashville manager who has been with MOAB since 2006. Xavier began his work at MOAB as an intern, and quickly turned his work into a career. He wants everyone on a bike to be safe, have fun, and to just do it.

Jeremy Chambers

You may already know him, you may not. Meet Jeremy Chambers, our Franklin location manager. Jeremy has been with MOAB since 2006, and reflects MOAB's mission of providing outstanding customer service with each and every individual who walks in our shop.

Pat Lee

Meet Pat, the bike wizard, Lee. Pat is Murfreesboro's service manager and has worked at MOAB since 2015. Pat is not only a service wizard, but also a bike-packing expert. He is a jack of all trades here at MOAB and we are grateful to have him with us. Pictured is Pat riding at Ragbrai, where he gets to ride with 18,000 fellow bike riders.

Evan Aliquo

Greet the mountain bike whiz Evan Aliquo. Evan has been voted most likely to model for Specialized one day by his co-workers. Evan has worked at MOAB since 2013 and is Murfreesboro's sales manager. He wants everyone to not be afraid to push themselves on the bike!

Brennan Robinson

Say what's up to Brennan, our E-commerce manager, and webmaster. Brennan has worked for MOAB since 2018, and is excited to continue working for MOAB after his recent graduation at MTSU. Pictured is Brennan at the Five Points trail system in North Georgia. He enjoys riding his mountain bike, and playing with his sweet pup, Henry.

Whitney Stanbrough

Meet our road bike aficionado, Whitney Stanbrough. Whitney is one of our veteran mechanics who has worked at MOAB since 2013. He not only strives to be a top mechanic at our Murfreesboro location, but puts in the work to be a strong cyclist. Whitney chases his goal to continue riding one hundred centuries on his bike every year.

Kris Henke

Say hello to one of Murfreesboro's professional bike mechanics, Kris with a K. Kris has worked as a mechanic in the cycling industry since 1985. We are grateful to have Kris as a part of our team here at MOAB. From vintage to new bikes, Kris has the expertise to fix anything his way. Pictured is him and his wife, Michelle, at our Gravel Revival event.

Chris Ivory

Woah! Is that Ivory? MOAB is excited to welcome Chris back to Murfreesboro. Chris worked for MOAB back in the Maple Street days, and eventually traveled to Asheville, North Carolina where he lived for ten years. Now that he is back with us here at MOAB, he has proven to be an asset to our sales team in Murfreesboro. Ivory likes to ride his bike in the woods alone, so don't follow him!

AnnaLevi Chavis

After graduating from Auburn University, AnnaLevi began working at the Murfreesboro location in 2020. She loves riding her bike on gravel roads and was introduced to the style of cycling near her university. AnnaLevi is continuing her college career as she pursues a graduate degree in Anthropology.

Freddy Hodnett

Jalijah "Freddy" Hodnett is our newest sales team addition at our Murfreesboro location. Coming from Riverside, California, Freddy works as our lead salesman in our skate department. If you've walked into our Murfreesboro location before, you've probably been met by that same smile you see pictured above.

Carlos Hernandez

How does he get that much air on his bike? Carlos is our newest addition to our service department at our Murfreesboro location. Carlos moved to Tennessee from Puerto Rico and began working at MOAB in 2021. Carlos does not only have riding skills, he has professional mechanic skills too.

Michael Evert

Mr. Michael "Mike" Evert joined the MOAB team in 2019 when he moved to Tennessee from East Lansing, Michigan. Mike, by a mile, has the best looking mustache we have ever seen. Mike works as our inventory manager in our Franklin location. He loves riding his mountain bike at Jones Mill because it's a great place to escape.

Andy Norris

Gravel enthusiast, Andy Norris, has worked as a part-time employee at MOAB since 2011. Andy provides niche cycling expertise to our Franklin location. Not only does he work as a salesman, but also takes on the role as one of our event coordinators here at MOAB. Andy's favorite place to ride is out in Hickman County, Tennessee where the gravel roads seem to never end.

David Carpenter

David works at our Franklin location as our sales and warranty specialist. Outside of MOAB, David is a coach for True Performance, and action sports coaching business. David enjoys running, cycling, swimming, and riding motorcycles. He has a wife and a five year old son. His family loves spending time together doing these activities.

Davin Miles

Davin Miles works as a sales associate at our Franklin location. Davin will soon be a high school graduate and plans on pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering at Tennessee Tech University. Davin enjoys working on bikes, cars, and just about anything that involves mechanics or electronics. We think he's pursuing the right degree!

Asa Holliday

Meet Asa, one of our soon to be high school graduates at our Franklin location. Asa is a strong cyclist, and is looking to continue his racing career on the collegiate level. He currently works at our Franklin location, and is currently home-schooled. Asa is planning on pursuing an engineering degree in college. 

Luke Sauve

Luke, "Lukedawg", Sauve works as one of our service technicians at our Nashville location. Luke has been riding BMX since he was a little dude and enjoys riding the most at the Porter trails. Luke has been working for MOAB for a long time and has some wise words for our customers, "check your tire pressure".

Jake Schwartz

Mr. Schwartz has been an employee at MOAB Nashville since 2019. He enjoys fast road rides and slow rips on the mountain bike. Jake loves working at the bike shop because he gets to help rad customers acquire and build up their dream bikes. Whether it's a custom build, a bike off the floor, or a bike that needs to be brought back to life, he wants all our customers to find their maximum stroke. It's what we do.

Owen Canady

Owen was born and raised in Cheatham County, Tennessee. He has worked at our Nashville location since 2020 and enjoys helping people get on two wheels. Owen enjoys riding bikes, and going on adventures with his Ausie. Pictured is Owen with his sweet pup enjoying a hike on a gorgeous fall day.

Drew Wieland

Meet Mr. Wieland, one of our sales associates at our Nashville location. Drew is originally from Central Illinois. Drew and his wife, Molly, moved to Nashville in 2019 with their dog, Milly. He's a roadie, and likes crit-racing, but is curious about the mountain bike. When Drew is not at the shop or riding his bike, he's an artist.

Behind the Scenes at MOAB

Brenda Mikec

Brenda works as our event and marketing coordinator here at MOAB. If you're lucky, you may see Brenda in one of our locations, but Brenda mainly works behind the scenes at MOAB. Brenda is passionate about the cycling industry and has an amazing skill set in event coordination and marketing. We are grateful to have her as a part of our team! Brenda enjoys seeking out paved and gravel roads on her bicycle with her friends and MOAB family.

Rick Harmon

The local cycling legend, Rick Harmon, works as one of our professional mechanics at our Franklin location. Rick works behind the scenes at MOAB and fixes some of the most challenging repairs that come our way. If you know Rick, you know that he is a highly skilled mountain biker, and an amazing mechanic. He has been a part of our team since 2009 and we are thankful to have him with us!

Greet MOAB's Newest Employees

Jonny Brown

Jonny currently works as a sales associate at our Franklin location and we are stoked to have him as a part of our team. Jonny has an awesome history on the road bike, and has been riding for fourteen years. Out of all the places he has ridden, his favorite place to ride is in Columbia because of the culture and the people. Everyone stops working and cheers you on as you ride by on the beautiful winding roads. A bike tip that Jonny would give to someone: "More "serious" riders might seem intimidating, but ask them questions. There are no silly questions. We were all beginners at one point and there is so much to learn as a new bike rider."

Tyson Gilmore

Tyson is one of our newest employees at our Franklin location! Tyson loves to mountain bike, but also enjoys gravel and road biking. His favorite spots to ride are MOAB, Utah and Sedona, Arizona because of the breathtaking views. Tyson's bike tip to every rider: "Always be prepared to fix a flat". He also encourages everyone to use the bike to go explore new places because there is so much to see out there! Go on that trip, and make sure to not forget your bike!

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